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Irrigation System Automation – Gapsted Walnuts

May 1, 2020

Gordon Gibson Nominees was engaged by Gapsted Walnuts to design, install and commission a system to automate the existing irrigation system on their acre orchard at Gapsted.

A MAIT Industries radio controlled system was chosen and a design prepared with the assistance of MAIT Industries.

Gordon Gibson Nominees then retro fitted the main controller, radio transmitters and receivers around the orchard with solar panel power supply, and fitted automatic valves.

The original irrigation system was manually controlled and also suffered significant pressure issues due to varying pipe sizing, varying sizes of blocks and topography.

These issues were able to be resolved by programming the system to optimise station operating sequences and also by installing a variable speed drive on the main pump, and pressure sensors in the field.

The system is able to operate remotely through the mobile phone network, thus saving significant amounts of on-site labour and operator input.

Gordon Gibson Nominees also recently installed an automated bird control system throughout the orchard using elevated laser beams and noise generating devices, all of which are solar powered.