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Project Management

We offer a complete project management services, taking care of everything from start to finish. This includes planning and engineering design, obtaining statutory approval, construction management, commissioning and project finalisation.

Consulting Civil Engineering

Survey, design and documentation services for a whole range of civil engineering projects. Covering all projects including land subdivisions, commercial developments, roads and stormwater, and all projects in the water industry.

Wastewater Re-Use Schemes

We specialise in water industry planning and construction, including design and documentation services for municipal and industrial wastewater re-use schemes, including treatment processes, disinfection systems, pumping systems, distribution pipelines and irrigation and re-use systems.

Water and Wastewater Treatment

Experts in consulting engineering for potable water treatment plants, irrigation filtration systems, stormwater treatment systems and municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants. This includes master planning, construction and also maintenance.

Municipal Engineering

We’re the team to call for all types of municipal engineering projects. This includes road and street design, road construction, stormwater drainage systems, traffic management, community sports facilities and general municipal engineering works.

Stormwater Drainage

We have extensive experience in Master Planning and computer hydraulic modeling of stormwater drainage systems, and engineering design and documentation of stormwater pit and pipe systems, retarding basins, pumping stations and water-sensitive urban design principles.


Expert engineering consultants for planning, surveying, design and construction of farm dams, and municipal water supply and wastewater storage structures up to 500ML capacity. We also specialise in the preparation of Dam Safety Plans, and Emergency Management Manuals.

Building Services

For commercial and institutional building developments, we offer comprehensive engineering design and documentation of hydraulic services, such as hot and cold water, wastewater and stormwater. We ensure you get safe, reliable systems in place from day one.


We’re your one-stop shop for the planning, surveying, engineering design and construction of subdivisions of all sizes. We specialise in residential, low-density residential, commercial and industrial developments, taking a whole project management approach.

Computer Hydraulic Modelling

Our comprehensive service includes computer hydraulic modeling of water supply reticulation, pumping, wastewater reticulation, collection and distribution systems, and stormwater systems. Designed to assist in planning, analysis, troubleshooting and maintenance.

Engineering Surveying

Our qualified surveyors use all of the latest equipment technology to provide accurate data for the engineering design and set-out of all kinds of engineering infrastructure projects. Using GPS systems and total stations, we provide the highest quality of data.

Major Pump Stations and Pipelines

Comprehensive design and construction services for major water supply, sewerage and stormwater pumping stations, and major trunk water supply and distribution pipelines. Our extensive expertise in this field makes us your first choice.

Irrigation System Design

Cost-effective, water-efficient irrigation design for all applications. From backyards through to major projects such as agriculture, sports facilities and golf courses, we can design, supply and install a customised irrigation solution.

Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage

We have extensive experience in the design and construction of major water projects. We’re your experts in municipal water supply and sewerage including modeling, reticulation systems, pumping stations, major distribution pipelines, water storage facilities and treatment plants.

Civil Engineering Construction

From land subdivision to pumping stations, road construction to irrigation systems, we’re your number one choice for all civil engineering construction projects. We provide comprehensive end-to-end civil engineering management services for all projects.