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Wangaratta VEMTC Campus Upgrade – CFA

April 30, 2024

The VEMTC Wangaratta Training Campus provides training for Victorian Emergency Services staff and volunteers including CFA, FRU, Victoria Police and Victorian Ambulance Service.

Environmental testing indicated contamination of the site by PFAS through the historical use of fire fighting foams.

The site is adjacent to the 15 Mile Creek and the Victorian EPA had concerns that PFAS could enter the creek system.

Gordon Gibson Nominees was appointed by the CFA to design and project manage a full upgrade of the training PAD with the requirement that all potentially contaminated material was to be retained on site and separated from the groundwater table.

No water runoff from the site was to be allowed to enter the creek system without first being treated for PFAS removal.

The design included a detailed drainage system, a first flush rainwater collection system, two major pump stations, large storage tank, extensive reinforced concrete works, an upgrade of all of the training props, a PAD lighting system, and site electrical upgrade.

Gordon Gibson Nominees successfully completed the detail design and documentation of the project, and project managed the construction work and successful commissioning of all systems.